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Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

Instant Interiors
Sydney Maag I. D. is known for its full range of interior design services. But over the years we identified a need for room-by-room design, and Instant Interiors was born. Instant Interiors gives us the flexibility to work with our clients on a room-by-room basis. If you want to address just one or two rooms rather than the whole space and prefer to do your own purchasing based on a design schematic, Instant Interiors is the ideal solution for you.

Where we work
We consult via Zoom or FaceTime as well as by phone and email. Design resources are accessible locally or online.

How it works
To get an idea of the style and taste of our Instant Interior clients we go through the following process:
1. We ask searching design questions through a Q&A with client.
2. We ask our client to provide digital photos of the room(s) they would like to design, including photos of the exterior of their home.
3. We ask client to measure their room(s). We walk you through this part to make it simple.

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

After receiving measurements of your space, we will do some preliminary sketches. 

"Working remotely with Sydney Maag has been so creative, collaborative and efficient, it’s hard to believe we haven’t actually been in the same rooms together. Sydney worked with photos of my space to create a vision far beyond what I could see. From paint colors to window treatments, light fixtures to floor plans, Sydney conceived of a unified mood with distinct personal touches in every room. She provided me with a range of resources from which to select the pieces I needed – with choices for when to splurge and when to save. And with every decision, she's always been just a text or call away. It’s hard to imagine a place that feels so “me” could have come from the mind of someone all the way across the country, but it did. And now that I’ve been through the (thoroughly enjoyable) process, I can’t imagine creating a home any other way."

—Brook Cosby, Mill Valley, CA

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

Our detailed furniture plan is drawn to scale, with specific furniture pieces selected and resourced.

Once we determine the client’s design direction (i.e. classic, modern, mid-century, eclectic, transitional, etc.), we create a personalized master design schematic.

Six weeks after placing an order, the client receives a beautiful presentation containing Instant Interior’s master design plan for each room including:

1. A detailed furniture plan, drawn to scale, with specific furniture pieces selected and resourced.
2. A schematic personalized design concept board (using color images, magazine tears, sketches, etc.) to be used for design inspiration for the room.
3. A detailed shopping list of resources – local and online – for all design elements.
4. A step-by-step explanation of how to pull all the elements of the presentation together using the Instant Interior design scheme.

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

Typical schematic that you will receive.

“Sydney’s eye for design is fresh and modern, yet informed by the past and thoroughly timeless. She creates spaces that are personalized and original, not generic or formulaic.  They are bold yet relatable; earthy yet sumptuously cozy. I adore your taste and sense of style.  I am so lucky to have worked with you."

—Summer Louchheim, Sagaponack

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

Here are some of our Instant Interior projects

Please inquire to get started on your Instant Interiors project.

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

"Sydney is a style maven.  A friend for over 20 years, she has worked on multiple projects in my home, from total overhauls to smaller refreshers, always bringing her A game, no matter the size of the project.  She listens, considers, and then works her prodigious magic.  I have a deep respect for, and have come to rely upon, her ability to create moments of beauty (combined with function which she knows is important to me) everywhere I rest my eyes in our home."

—Susan Nieland, East Hampton

Instant Interiors -  - Viewing Room - Sydney Maag Viewing Room

About Sydney Maag
Sydney Maag established her New York based design firm Sydney Maag Interior Design, in 2000 after pursuing design studies at Parsons School of Design and New York School of Interior Design. Sydney also worked with New York firms Aero Studios and Jeffrey Bilhuber. Sydney serves the needs of each client with comfortable and elegant homes that only improve and get better as years go by.
All projects share classical and traditional design with modern and organic influences for a timeless quality, creating a soothing atmosphere and environment.
Sydney Maag Interior Design is available for a variety of design projects: complete and full renovations, holistic interior solutions, and design consultations. Please don't hesitate to contact the studio for a consultation, 631-987-8396.


● Why did we create Instant Interiors?
Sydney Maag identified a need for a service that provides design on a room-at-a-time basis for potential clients who appreciate her aesthetic but have a limited budget or time frame and/or simply want to execute the design of their room(s) themselves.

● Who works on the project?
Sydney and her team put together your palette and furniture plan and select each piece for your room.

● How do you get to the client without meeting them?
The more information a future client sends us, the more we get to know their needs, tastes, styles, hopes, wishes, goals and challenges for their room. In addition to provided measurements of the space and a completed questionnaire, we love to see images from Instagram or Pinterest that inspire the way you feel and wish to live. If you have swatches of fabrics and paint sample colors you love…anything that will give us more information about you.

● How much communication is there between client and designer during the design
Once we have received all the requested samples and materials you send us and we understand the function and design goals of your project, we begin work. Communication is key. We will call you in the beginning to go over everything but communication will be via email mostly. During the design process, we’ll get in touch with you when we need to.

● Can you incorporate some of my existing furniture, art and accessories?
We can always incorporate the pieces that you want to work with. We’ll need images and measurements.

● When do I submit payment?
At the beginning of the process. We cannot begin work on your room(s) until we’ve received payment in full.

● When will I receive my Instant Interior?
A typical Instant Interior project takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
If you have ordered multiple rooms, there may be the need for a couple of extra weeks to complete the project. If we have many orders to complete and the lead time will be longer, you will be notified immediately.

● If I have questions about my Instant Interior design after I’ve received it will you help me?
Of course! We want you to be happy, and we will always do our best to help you fully understand everything we’ve sent and are always available for help!

● Do you ever continue to work with an Instant Interior client after they’ve received their box?
More often than not! Clients are so excited and happy with the finished product they have
received thus making us more than happy to provide additional service should it be needed at an hourly fee.

With Instant Interiors you decide how many rooms you want to design at any given time— you have complete control. Our design fees are based upon the scope and scale of the design. Rooms such as kitchens, living rooms and family rooms are usually more involved. We complete your project in 4-6 weeks from the time your payment is received. Please note, if you require custom room elevations and perspective renderings we can provide those for an additional fee.

Powder Rooms
Dining Rooms
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Please inquire to get started.

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